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Healthy Halloween Treats

October 29, 2021

When we say healthy Halloween treats, we don’t mean the packets of pretzels, raisins, or any other unfestive (and frankly, blah) trick or treat snacks that some neighbors would hand out on Halloween night. While we definitely encourage indulging in your favorite sweet treats in moderation, especially on Halloween night, there are some drawbacks to consuming sugar, particularly refined and artificial sugars ( you may want to avoid altogether). To end the night without the sugar coma, try exploring fun and festive Halloween treats that are sure to satisfy everyone’s cravings!

Read on to learn more about the drawbacks of sugar, and some of our favorite healthy Halloween treats you can indulge in on this spooky day!

Drawbacks of sugar

While sugar occurs naturally in all foods that contain carbohydrates, from fruits and vegetables to grains and dairy, it’s the added sugars that food manufacturers add to processed foods—to either sweeten flavor or increase shelf-life—that can have detrimental impacts on your health.

One of the main drawbacks is the slow but steady impact regularly consuming sugar has on your blood sugar and insulin levels. Not only does the blood sugar roller coaster lead to inconsistent energy levels and cravings for sugar and other carbohydrates, but it also leads to inflammation and can lead to metabolic issues (and eventually type 2 diabetes). Regularly eating too much sugar also impacts your heart. Frequent (and heavy) sugar consumption can raise blood pressure and increase chronic inflammation, both of which can be pathological pathways to heart disease. The ingestion of excess added sugars can also increase the risk of cancer.

After eating too much sugar, some immediate effects you may notice include acne, deflated or depressed mood, and feelings of lethargy.These are all things you do NOT want to feel when you’re celebrating spooky season with your friends and family!

Tips to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

  • First, make sure you’re eating enough throughout the day – specifically, balanced meals! If you eat enough high-quality protein, healthy fat, and veggies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you’ll be less likely to crave sugar and less likely to overindulge.
  • If you are looking for a snack and find yourself reaching into the candy bowl, try trail mix instead! Use your favorite dried fruits and nuts to create a great snack. If you want to add something sweet to your trail mix, dark chocolate chips are a great choice!

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  • Enjoy your morning coffee without added sugar and with a healthy fat source like grass-fed heavy cream or coconut milk. Fat helps blunt any potential blood sugar response from the coffee, and prevents the wired feeling you might get from too much caffeine. If you want to add something sweet to your cup of joe, you can add a more natural non-caloric sweetener, like stevia. Just note that non-caloric sweeteners can increase sugar cravings since they taste very sweet.

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  • Smoothies are a great snack but often contain way too much naturally-occurring sugar. They’re often made up almost entirely of fruit(even the homemade ones!). Opt to make your own smoothie at home with a base of veggies (we love spinach!), healthy fat like avocado, coconut oil, or coconut milk, protein (think collagen peptides or whey protein powder), and ¼-½ cup of fruit.


  • Nut butters, marinades, sauces, and condiments help brighten the flavor of food, but often can contain added sugar. Choose a no-added sugar option to lower your sugar intake without sacrificing flavor.

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Healthy Halloween Treats

To avoid these unwanted feelings of lethargy and depression on Halloween, opt to avoid eating excessive amounts of sugar and go for an alternative sweet treat instead.

Healthy Halloween candies

Go for the healthier alternatives to your favorite candies like lollipops, chocolate, and gummies!

Healthier Halloween treat recipes

Have a Halloween party to attend, or just want a sweet treat to munch on during Halloweekend? Take a stab (no pun intended) at crafting these spookily sweet snacks.

  • Homemade Twix bars – This twist on a candy classic is gluten-free, vegan, and oh-so decadent, with nourishing ingredients like almond butter, coconut oil, and pure maple syrup.
  • Halloween Ghost Pops – These adorable banana coconut ghost pops will be all the rage with kiddos and adults alike!
  • Sprouted Brown Rice Crispy Treats – You can’t go wrong with any of Danielle’s recipes, and these rice crispy treats are no exception! They’re like the real deal, but without refined sugar, artificial ingredients, or preservatives.

Your takeaway

After your festive Halloween treats, fall back into your routine with classics from Snap Kitchen. From Peppercorn Steak and Potatoes to Turkey Meatloaf with Potato-Turnip Mash and Green Beans and everything in between, we provide wholesome, comfort meals direct to your door. Ready to eat in minutes with no prep necessary — what’s not to love?

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