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July 15, 2021

To cook up great-tasting food at Snap Kitchen, we count on our chefs to provide us with the goods. But what gets your Snap food from idea to container?

With our focus on nutrition, we always want to make sure that our unbelievably tasty entrees are also good for you too – the perfect marriage of flavor and nutrition. And we get there with a little help from our Director of Culinary, Lorena, and our Registered Dietitians (RDs). Their collaboration takes our meals to the next level!

The Origins of a Snap Kitchen Meal

Enter Chef Lorena, our Director of Culinary, and the glue that holds our kitchen together. She’s the brain behind our delicious rotational menu, and she helps get all of our food from idea to execution. Then there are our RDs, who help ensure that our flavorful meals are also nutritious. It’s our mix of chef and RD that makes all the difference.

Sometimes, Chef Lorena brainstorms and tests new menu items solo, but other times she collaborates with the RDs from the very beginning. Regardless of how a meal gets its start, after testing it’s always handed off to the RDs so that they can ensure it’s as balanced and nutrient-dense as can be. After their analysis, we’ll do things like add protein, add veggies, peel back the carbs, or add an extra serving of healthy fat. From there, Chef Lorena tests the recipe again to ensure it still tastes just as delicious.

Our RDs also set our high-quality standards, from our vast ‘no’ list of ingredients you’ll never find in our food to the brands that we use in our meals and partner with for dishes (like our latest Tessemae’s collabs!).

Once Lorena feels fully confident in her recipe testing, the final recipe is handed off to our RDs, who use nutrient analysis software to make sure that both the nutrition facts panel (NFP) and ingredient list is 100% correct. Our kitchen even gets in on the action, with specific quality control measures to ensure that every meal is similar in weight and portion.

Why Snap Meals are a Smart Choice

As you can see, the process of taking a Snap meal from idea to your plate is one that’s time-intensive. There’s a reason that we say we obsess about the food so that you don’t have to. We’re here to source, weigh, measure, and analyze so that you don’t have to. More than anything, we want to free you up to do more of what you love, and less of what you don’t (we’re looking at you shopping, cooking, and doing). So make the smart choice – for your health and for your work/life balance – and let us do the heavy lifting.


You can browse all of our meals here.

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