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Tips for making healthy habits stick

June 25, 2018

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit and we’re all for supporting you every step of the way, one meal (or snack) at a time. We’re checking in today with some extra tips and food for thought to help inspire you to keep going and keep THRIVING. ✨

Acknowledge where you are and what you’ve accomplished so far.

Consistency is KEY for making good habits stick and our meals automatically help keep you accountable! So let’s check in with your small victories so far: think of the first day you started and consider where you are now. Do you notice a change in your cravings? Maybe craving more real foods? Are you noticing that you have more energy throughout the day, or that your skin looks a little clearer? That, my friends, is the power of eating real, good-for-you food. And there’s no doubt during the next week that you’ll discover even more victories towards meeting your health goals.

Make snacks fun again.

We love helping you make the best choices to fit your lifestyle, snacks included. Regardless of whether you’re in the mood for sweet or salty, we’ve got you covered with all the options. So perhaps make it a challenge to try something new every day (p.s our small bites also make amazing snack options… like our Chicken Tenders with Hot Honey).

Set the ultimate treat yo’self date.

By making the choice to meals here at Snap Kitchen, you’ve technically allowed us to help you save money over time because we give you exactly what you need, every single time (no food waste here). So now that all the gritty details of food planning, prepping, and dirty-dish washing are a thing of the past, you might notice that you have some spare time (and cash!) on your hands… So go ahead, set yourself the ultimate treat yo’self date. Buy those concert tickets, schedule that massage, get a new haircut, think about getting a new dog. Whatever it may be, make it something you look forward to and just think: you’re only a little more than a week away from the ultimate treat yo’ self date.

KEEP IT UP, we’re cheering for YOU! Remember, our menu is always customizable, so you can swap meals and snacks to your heart’s desires. We’re here to help you keep accountable but more importantly, love the healthy lifestyle you are living! #LifeMadeHealthy

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