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Foods to Eat for Optimal Athletic Performance

May 24, 2021

We aren’t robots; we’re human. Living, breathing organisms that rely on sunlight, water and food to keep our bodies alive and well. At Snap Kitchen, we believe that wellness begins with what you eat. The dishes we create are recipes developed by our culinary director and vetted by our nutrition experts.. Each meal contains the perfect amount of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to help you not only to survive, but to thrive. We see food as more than just something to keep you full. To the experts in our kitchen, food is fuel for you to reach your goals!

Male vs Female Nutrition

A healthy diet for men isn’t all that different from a healthy diet for women. While caloric intake may skew slightly higher for men, who have larger bodies and higher muscle mass on average than women, it’s still important for everyone to consume high amounts of protein and lower amounts of processed carbohydrates and sugar. 

Eat to Perform

When it comes to performance, energy, focus and drive are the keys to success. Snap Kitchen’s meals are expertly crafted with the human body in mind. Each serving is packed with essential nutrients, matched and paired to work smarter, so your body doesn’t have to work harder to outperform, outpace, and outmatch your competition. Here are some ingredients you can look for in the foods you eat to elevate your game to the next level:

  • Protein options like chicken, turkey, fish, beef, pork, or wild game
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Vegetable-based soups, especially if made with bone broth
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Nut butters (peanut, almond, cashew, and more)
  • Eggs
  • Gluten-free grains
  • Full-fat dairy products without added sugars

In sports and in life, you get out what you put in. When you choose to fuel your body with the highest quality ingredients packed with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, you set yourself up for success in every aspect of your life. With Snap, you don’t need to sacrifice flavor, either. Our nutritionists work hand-in-hand with our chefs to develop meals designed to satisfy your palate and your body’s needs. 

High-Protein Snap Meals to Try

In general, foods that are rich in protein and low in refined carbs are the healthiest option to help your body perform at its best. Our high-protein meals at Snap contain 35g of protein or more per meal. Check out options from our high-protein menu like:

  • Chicken Chile Enchiladas
  • Naked Beef
  • Bison Quinoa Bowl
  • Cacio e Pepe with Rosemary Chicken
  • Chicken Tinga with Fire-Roasted Corn
  • Naked Chicken

Plus, items that are new to our menu including:

  • Cod Piccata
  • Cajun Salmon
  • Bruschetta Chicken

Imagine coming home after a long, hard workout to a protein-rich, chef-prepared meal. Even people who enjoy cooking find prep and cleanup to be tedious and discouraging. With Snap, you can just heat and eat perfectly balanced, nutrient-dense meals that taste gourmet and make it to the table in 2 minutes flat.

Learn more about why it’s important to get enough protein and other ways to improve your overall health like establishing a healthy sleep schedule and moving your body on the Snap Kitchen blog.

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