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Our Favorite Homemade Almond Butter Recipe

March 8, 2021

If you hadn’t heard, here at Snap Kitchen, we’re big fans of using almond butter on the daily. It’s a deliciously healthy and versatile nut butter option that you can use for almost anything, from savory recipes (like pad thai!) to a topping for pancakes. Whether you have a peanut allergy or you just want to switch things up, you’ll benefit from the fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, and manganese it offers. 

Almond butter is typically made from ground almonds into a spreadable, delectable paste. And what’s more, it comes in many varieties, like no-stir (which is almond butter but emulsified) or stir (which means the oil can separate). But if you’ve browsed the almond butter options on store shelves, you know that it can get more than a little pricey. Thankfully, it’s super easy to make at home. We’re sharing our quick and easy recipe below that we adapted from Paleo Hacks.

We love the additional step of soaking the almonds since soaking nuts removes certain naturally occurring anti-nutrients and makes them easier to digest, but feel free to omit this step if you’re short on time. 

Homemade Almond Butter Ingredients

  • 1 lb raw unsalted almonds 
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • Himalayan pink salt (to taste, start with ¼ tsp)


Almond Butter Recipe Instructions

  1. Soak your almonds: Put almonds in a large bowl, fill with water to cover, and add a pinch of sea salt. Let sit covered for about 12 hours or overnight. 
  2. Once you’ve soaked the almonds, preheat the oven to 250°F
  3. Spread almonds on a baking sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes until the almonds are warm.
  4. Put the almonds in a food processor and pulse at high speed for 2 minutes.
  5. Scrape the almonds from the sides of the food processor and stir the almond mixture. 
  6. Repeat this process a few more times, pulsing the almonds for 2 minutes and scraping down the sides until the almonds have turned into almond butter.
  7. Add in your maple syrup and Himalayan pink salt, pulsing for a few more seconds to combine.
  8. For a creamier consistency, you can add a tablespoon or two of your oil of choice. See below for other add-in ideas!
  9. Store almond butter in a jar or airtight container! It can be stored in the pantry or the fridge but will last longer refrigerated. If oil was added, it would be less likely to separate if refrigerated. 

Hopefully, this goes without saying, but don’t be afraid to play in the kitchen! Add ingredients to this that sound good to you. Add a bit of vanilla extract, some chocolate chips, Ceylon cinnamon, or even collagen peptides. If you’re following a special diet, feel free to omit ingredients or sub different ones. The sky’s the limit when it comes to flavor combinations and nutrient-dense additions. 

Let us know in the comments if you give this recipe a try!

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