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Expert-Approved HIIT Workout Routine + Diet Tips for Social Distancing

June 23, 2020

Routines give us the organization that we need when everything else may seem chaotic. It also helps with lowering our stress levels which gives us a better opportunity at a healthier lifestyle, mentally AND physically. For this article, we asked two experts to give us the skinny on their top workout routines, plus diet tips for quarantine. 

brittany annBrittany Ann is a former middle school math teacher. Currently, a certified strength and conditioning coach with her brand iAmLIFT (visit them at and she is a nationally qualified bikini athlete. Her goal is to help the everyday person understand the importance of simply being active with consistency. She offers one-on-one training, virtual training, and group sessions based on a routine that fits the individual’s lifestyle no matter the age, gender, or health background. With an emphasis on the mind, body, AND spirit she hopes to plant seeds in others through fitness to simply stay positive, keep Faith, and take it one day at a time because fruits don’t grow overnight. 

With everything that comes with the “stay at home” order, it’s more important now than ever to establish and be consistent with a daily routine that includes you being physically active. Whether it be working out — doing some type of cardio or yoga — or holding to a consistent, healthy diet, all of it goes towards promoting a healthy body and a healthy mind. 

These days I like to work out and do cardio at LEAST 4 days a week not only because I am a bodybuilder but because of the overall health benefits. For me, my mental health has flourished because I’m not constantly feeding myself the negatives of my situation and being out of work, social media opinions, or news on the coronavirus. All of which could lead to the release of stress hormones, anxiety, or even depression. Physically I have been able to maintain muscle and I feel great because of the good endorphins being released. I’m not stiff from sitting down all day, blood is flowing to muscles regularly to keep the pump, cardiovascular system healthy, etc. It may not be the ideal workout that we’d get from being in a gym, but something is better than nothing when it comes to your health. And with consistency, you will see the positive changes only if you continue to stay positive. 

brittany ann trainingBe the tortoise and stop focusing on trying to be the hare. Be consistent for a week with staying active. Start with simply saying “I’ll work out this week” without putting a limit. Even if it’s one day, you’ve accomplished something. Now try it again next week. Sooner than later you’ll realize how far you’ve come which will encourage you to keep going. It may also be something you do with your family one day a week for accountability.

How to L.I.F.T at Home with Snap Kitchen

My goal is to help people with their holistic health needs through the implementation of fitness.  Showing that it’s a lifestyle rather than a diet or trend. I have created and provided you with a 3-day workout you could do at home no equipment required to accomplish any goal, sweat tested, and approved LOL. We are in this together and I am holding you accountable. I understand the lack of motivation because you’re at home but remember we are the tortoise and not the hare. One day at a time, it’s not a race to see who finishes first. A quote I like “If God puts a Goliath in front of you, he must believe there’s a David inside of you” -unknown. Let’s stay active together. 


Day 1 Full Body HIIT:    Beginner 3x    ||         Intermediate 5x     ||    Advanced 7x

  • 30seconds high knees
  • 20 Scissor Lunges
  • 15 Half burpee to squat hold
  • 15 Pike Pushups
  • 50 Alternating Toe touches


Day 2 Lower Body HIIT:    Beginner 3x    ||   Intermediate 5x     ||    Advanced 7x

  • 30 Jump Squats
  • 20 Lateral Lunges
  • 60 second Wall Squat
  • 20 Single-Leg Bridges
  • 60 seconds Giant Mountain Climbers


Day 3 Upper Body HIIT:    Beginner 3x    ||   Intermediate 5x    ||    Advanced 7x

  • 30 seconds Up and Down Plank
  • 30 seconds Pushups
  • 30 seconds Dips (use a bench, chair, or couch)
  • 30 seconds Plank Rotations
  • 30 seconds Reverse Snow Angels


– Brittany Ann CPT 



Now, what about your daily nutrition? Our expert, Whitney Stuart MS RDN/LD CDE, weighs in.

whitneyWhitney is a nutrition expert; clinical dietitian-nutritionist and Certified Diabetic Educator. Her virtual practice, Whitness Nutrition, educates the masses on evidence-based nutrition concepts with an emphasis on real food for real joy. Her full-service nutrition private practice provides nutritional counseling for women, families, adolescents, and athletes overall health, gender, and age profiles. Whitney delivers individualized attention to every patient to develop customized programs based on their specific barriers, lifestyle and goals. When she’s not serving, you’ll find her sipping on an iced coffee on a sunny patio or running with her Aussie, Jax.

1. Don’t stop fueling!

Are you working out less than you were pre-quarantine? If so, we’re here to help you get moving! Your body is a breathing, active, growing entity and it requires fuel on and off the court. Routine mealtimes are important to preserve your precious lean muscle mass and maintain brain focus throughout the day. Aim to eat breakfast before noon, and check in every 4 hours with your hunger signals (hunger occurs in the belly, not in the brain!). Is it time to fuel up?

Remember, prolonged periods of deprivation lead to a quick breakdown of muscle, storage of fat, and low energy levels.

2. Immunity, built from within!

whitneyImmunity isn’t built overnight, but supporting the innate immune system you already have by consuming nutrient-rich foods on the regular is an absolutely essential action.

  • A quick exercise; ask yourself, “How colorful is my plate?” Are you eating seasonal fruits, vegetables, and a variety of quality protein from beef, fish and eggs? Your body thrives on fresh, colorful choices that are rich in a variety of nutrients and antioxidants. Plus, the more colorful and diverse you eat, the less likely you are to require a supplement. Iron? grass-fed red-meat and beans! Calcium? Greek yogurt & broccoli! Snap Kitchen meals are curated by registered dietitians and always have a great healthy mix of the essential nutrients your body needs to thrive.

3. Get specific!

Healthcare keeps me busy these days but I prioritize meal times because I know that I can’t
serve from an empty cup. Each week I prepare a Snap Kitchen order and look for: 

  1. color and…
  2. variety in my selections.

 I ask, “does it have a green and a protein?” because nutrient-dense
foods and protein are keeping me strong and healthy as I serve my patients. Plus, protein keeps
me full for my long clinical days. I have zero time for low blood sugar and ‘hanger’ moments here.

  • Whitney Stuart MS RDN/LD CDE


Looking to put your nutrition on autopilot? Let us cook for you! Perfectly portioned large meals from Snap Kitchen will help you find balance after an at-home workout. Check out our menu and get started on your health journey today!

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