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Healthy Living

Self-Care Sunday ft. Franklin & Whitman

By On April 6, 2017

We believe that self-care should be an every day priority, but (thanks to social media) pampering and nourishing specifically on Sunday seems to be the ‘It’ thing to do. 💅🏽 Regardless, we totally… Read More

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Healthy Living

The Snap List: March

By On March 29, 2017

Welcome to The Snap List, our first-ever curation of monthly favorites that deserve major snaps. With the exception of #5 (you’ll see why), our March picks were created by brands in a couple… Read More

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Healthy Diets

Healthy Skincare Essentials

By On January 10, 2017

For me, cold weather days means it’s time to pull out the boots, infinity scarves, chunky sweaters, and serious reinforcement for my skin. Abrupt changes in weather do some major damage, leaving my… Read More

Healthy Living

10 Ways to REALLY Make 2017 a New Year

By On January 4, 2017

New Year’s resolutions are a total crapshoot. Seriously, only 8% of people successfully achieve their resolutions. We’re willing to bet you, dear reader, are part of the other 92%. Welcome to the club,… Read More


5 Austin-Based Companies That We Can’t Get Enough Of

By On November 29, 2016

We love good food. Absolutely obsessed with it, actually. Founded in ATX, we’re in good company with these other Austin-based food companies that are revolutionizing the snack and beverage world. We love them… Read More

Healthy Diets

We Did Whole30. Here’s How It Went.

By On November 16, 2016

Over 30 items in our shops were just recently Whole30 approved by the queen of healthy habits herself, Melissa Hartwig. Pretty cool, right? What’s just as cool is how many of our… Read More

Healthy Living

Our Lead Dietitian Does #MeatlessMonday. Here’s Why.

By On October 24, 2016

  By nature, I’m a carnivore. When asked what my favorite food is, I respond “cheeseburgers,” without pause, breath, or blink. I can tell you all of the best spots for barbecue… Read More

Healthy Living

Vegan Coconut Bacon. Seriously.

By On August 4, 2016

So, we know this ain’t bacon. But, if you’re looking for a unique vegan version that has minimal fat, zero nitrates, and loads of smokey goodness then look no further than this… Read More

Healthy Diets

Our Labels Are Something To Rave About. Here’s Why.

By On March 9, 2016

National Nutrition Month is in full swing and our Houston Registered Dietitian, Claire Siegel, is taking week #2 as an opportunity to showcase our label practices, and why we value transparency in the world of… Read More

Healthy Diets

We’ll Change The Way You Eat. Give Us Three Days.

By On January 7, 2016

Planning and tracking what you eat makes reaching your diet goals easier, and with our help, extra tasty.  Changing dietary habits can be challenging, though, and certainly doesn’t happen over night.  That’s… Read More