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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

2019 Nutrition & Health Trends

By On December 26, 2018

With a new year comes new trends, but thankfully many of our picks for next year involve getting back to real food. Here are the 2019 nutrition & health trends we’re putting… Read More

Healthy Eating

Let Us Help You Plan

By On December 13, 2018

It’s hard to believe that our lifestyle plans have already been around for a year, but January will make it official! Given this milestone, we want to fill you in on why… Read More

Healthy Eating

4 Ways to Resist Sweets During the Holidays

By On December 6, 2018

While we are steadfast in our commitment to food quality and strive to provide you with the tools to live your healthiest life, we also know that eating well can be tough—… Read More

Healthy Eating

How To: Healthy Holiday Eating + Recipes!

By On November 20, 2018

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we know it can be a tough time to maintain your healthy habits. Many holiday recipes are indulgent, and it can sometimes feel like there are holiday… Read More

Healthy Diets

Quality Matters: Grass-fed Beef

By On November 13, 2018

Here at Snap, one of our top priorities is providing delicious, quality food without cutting any corners. That includes how and where we source our ingredients! We’re proud to say that all… Read More

Healthy Eating

The One-Size Shift

By On September 5, 2018

Did you hear? Our meals will be moving to one-size containers. This doesn’t mean that all meals will be the same amount of calories, fat, carbohydrates or protein, but simply that there… Read More

Healthy Diets

Nutrition Buzz: Gut Health

By On September 4, 2018

Raise your hand if you’ve seen the words “gut health” pop up everywhere and still wonder what that ACTUALLY means 🙋🏻. We know how confusing nutrition can be so we’re breaking down… Read More

Healthy Diets

What to Expect on Your Low Carb Lifestyle Plan

By On June 25, 2018

Raise your hand if these questions pop into mind when you hear the words low carb”: What can I actually eat? Will I have to give up allll my carbs? 🙋🏻 We… Read More

Healthy Diets

The Basics of Intermittent Fasting

By On June 24, 2018

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or that you should eat lots of small mini meals throughout the day to boost your metabolism. Not only… Read More

Healthy Diets

Fat is back, but is the Keto lifestyle right for you?

By On June 13, 2018

As most of us are aware, the esteemed low-fat diets glorified in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s have officially been nixed. Fat is back, y’all! Quality fat has proven to be healthy… Read More