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Your Whole30 Survival Guide

January 8, 2020

We love that the Whole30 is accessible for anyone who wants to give it a go. The resources on the Whole30 website abound, with everything from shopping lists and tips for getting started to post-Whole30 advice. With their resources, you can successfully complete your Whole30 with little more than a few trips to the grocery store and some standard kitchen tools. While you don’t need anything fancy to give yourself the gift of a reset, there are a few things that’ll make your Whole30 journey a lot easier. We’ve compiled a list of our faves!

Ready-made Whole30 Approved food

Ok ok, this one is obvious, right? You can totally meal prep weekly to set yourself up for a busy week, but not everyone has the time (or desire) to do that. That’s where we come in, with Whole30 Approved meals to help you cruise through your Whole30. Even if you love cooking but just want a break from the kitchen, we’ve got you covered with meals you know are nutritionist-curated, chef-driven & delicious.

From Whole30 Headmistress Melissa Urban – “When I was on the road for my January book tour, Snap Kitchen was a life-saver. It was like eating my own delicious home-cooking, and the fact that I didn’t have to cook OR clean up was magical. Stash a few pre-made meals in your fridge and freezer for those last-minute dinner emergencies, or when you just want a mini-vacation from meal prep.”

Whole30 Approved Emergency food

Imagine this. You’re rocking your Whole30 when you forget your prepped lunch at home. There aren’t any compatible options at work, and you don’t have time to run out to grab something. In this situation, especially on a higher stress day, most people will choose to eat something non-compatible.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. This is where emergency food comes in. It’s food you keep on hand for those times when you want to avoid falling into the trap of non-compliant food. Some of our favorites include Chomps, Nick’s Sticks, The New Primal beef thins, Epic bars (only some varieties are compliant, so be sure to read labels) and Georgia Grinders almond butter packets. Since these are all non-perishable, you can keep them in your bag or in your car for anytime you need a little something to tide you over.

There are lots of fresh options you can keep handy too, like hard-boiled eggs, raw vegetables and guacamole, or fresh berries alongside some raw nuts. Aim for a combination of carbs and fat or protein and fat for a blood sugar balancing snack that will keep you satisfied until you can sit down for a meal. 

Whole30 Approved condiments & sauces

While you can certainly make any number of homemade sauces, sometimes it’s just easier to buy ready-made options! Some of our favorite brands for dressings, sauces & other condiments include The New Primal, Primal Kitchen, Siete (hot sauce), and Tessemae’s. We love using sauces to dress up leftovers. We also love bringing compatible salad dressing (like Tessemae’s, The New Primal or Primal Kitchen) to restaurants to easily dress our salads or use for dipping without worrying about junky oils or not-so-compatible additives like sugar.

An Instant Pot or slow cooker

Either of these appliances will totally uplevel your meal prep game. The Instant Pot is the king of fast cooking, meaning you can dump in some frozen chicken, onions, and sauce and voila, dinner is served in 30 minutes. Cook your favorite Whole30 recipes in no time! The slow cooker plays the long game, but the result is just as amazing: dinner ready without much effort on your part. Put all of your ingredients in the slow cooker before you leave for work, and by the time you get home all you have to do is plate and eat. These two all-stars come in clutch for busy days.

What are your favorite Whole30 essentials? We’d love to add to this list!

Want Whole30 Approved meals without setting foot in the grocery store OR your kitchen? We’ve got you covered with our selection of Whole30 meals!

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