The Top 9 Apps Our CTO Can’t Live Without.

By September 7, 2016 Meet The Team, News, Popular

The tech world is bustin’ at the seams with bigger, badder, more innovative apps than ever before. As Chief Officer of Technology at Snap, I make it a point to test drive as many new applications as I can. If they’re user friendly and make my life easier, then they may forever call my iPhone home sweet home. Here’s a lineup of my current favorites:

For those times the kids are hangry, Snap Kitchen is closed, and making a meal just isn’t happening. Domino’s pizza is tastier than the stuff from college and their mobile app has all the conveniences one could want – truly an e-commerce masterpiece. (And yes, even Snap Kitchen employees eat pizza!)

To collaborate with my team and stay in tune with company initiatives.  I don’t need to check 20 different systems (e.g. JIRA, Greenhouse, Github, etc.) because we’ve integrated them to Slack. I can even use our own bots to check store inventory nationwide.

For when the team wants beers after work or the party’s already started and you realize you just don’t have enough gin. The app has a good selection of beer/wine/liquor provided by local merchants.

EverNote and Dropbox
For note taking and syncing files from my phone to pad to Mac to PC. Everywhere I go I’ve one up-to-date source of information.

The the best app to solve the problem of “where do I buy that great wine I heard about?”  Search by wine or store, read excellent content, rate the wines you try, and read comments from other wine lovers.

Vital for all the hiring and interviewing I do. Plus it helps stay up-to-date with peers outside Snap

The easiest way to do the least pleasant task I have: documenting and approving my and my team’s expenses.

And last, but certainly not least: The Snap Kitchen App
Our team is up to something amazing. The first ever Snap Kitchen app manages my loyalty program SnapFunds, helps me find stores in our other markets, and shows me real-time product inventory before visiting.  Soon, I’ll also be able to order meals for shop pickup or delivery right off the app! It’s not quite ready for public use, but be on the lookout after the New Year.


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    Reply Linda Grishman October 2, 2016 at 8:31 am

    Wow! You Snappers are doing well. I am Martin’s aunt, his late mother’s sister. . I live in beautiful Burlington VT. Snapkitchen ought to open up here. You would do a tremendous amount of business. Burlington alone has two health food markets. Healthy Living and City Market. City Market is building a huge facility in South Burlington. Vermont is known for quality food, a healthy lifestyle and exceptional beauty.
    Send my love to Martin.

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