This is How We Salad

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If there are three things we know for sure it’s that:
1. Y’all have been craving new salads.
2. Vegans + vegetarians need more options.
3. Variety is the spice of life.

With those things in mind we’ve decided it’s time to step up our bowl game to make your lunch hour one that you can seriously look forward to. We challenged our chefs to completely overhaul our salad lineup, and let’s just say that they did not disappoint.

8 salads x 5 premium proteins = 40 ways to mix & match

That’s right. EIGHT new salads. We didn’t just swap Caesar for ranch dressing or romaine for baby spinach. Each of these salads contains an inspired combination of greens, grains, veggies, and homemade dressings that complement each other from both a flavor and nutritional perspective.


Every ingredient in our salads is carefully thought out so you get an amazing experience with each bite. Vegan coconut bacon on the Garden Party? Check. We even smoke our own almonds to add a deeply savory crunch to our Summer Fling salad. Sprouted lentils in the Goddess of Green are easier to digest and offer a hearty helping of complex carbs and fiber. The carrot coins in the Garden Party are thinly sliced and quick pickled so you can grab ’em with your plastic fork. We dug deep, focused on every flavor profile and detail, and created salads you’ve never seen before.


So, where’s the protein? That’s entirely up to you. Keep it naked or dive in to a world of customization. The five new sides are around to keep things interesting. Go ahead and experiment, tap into your creativity, and really make these salads your own.

Ok, we’ll stop teasing you. This is how we salad:

raw rainbow with miso carrot dressing
chef says: add grilled tofu or poached shrimp

roots and grains with red wine vinaigrette
chef says: add grilled chicken or grilled tofu

garden party with hemp seed ranch dressing
chef says: add grilled steak or chopped almond crusted chicken

summer fling with lemon poppy seed vinaigrette
chef says: add poached shrimp or chopped almond crusted chicken

goddess of green with creamy herb dressing
chef says: add grilled steak

great greek with herb vinaigrette
chef says: add grilled chicken or poached shrimp

chopped sesame with citrus vinaigrette
chef says: add grilled chicken or grilled tofu

classic nicoise with red wine vinaigrette
chef says: add grilled steak


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