Sweet Potato Toast in a Snap

By April 27, 2017 Healthy Eating

We thought our obsession with sweet potatoes had reached its pinnacle… Wrong. We’re currently on a whole new high after garnishing sweet potato toast with Snap bites and a few pantry staples. Some of our top toppings include:

  1. strawberry chocolate pistachio parfait
  2. almond butter + city blend
  3. avocado + tomato
  4. almond butter + strawberries
  5. lemon garlic hummus + diced cucumber
  6. curried chicken salad
  7. spirulina cashew crema + turmeric cashew crema + beet cashew crema (um, hello unicorn toast!)

Do you have a go-to toast topping we left out? Let us know in a comment!

Stay sweet potato,

Snap Kitchen

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