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Healthy Diets

Whole30 Reintroduction Schedule

By On January 31, 2017

The end of a Whole30 is an emotional experience. On one hand, the prospect of revisiting your old faves is very, very exciting. On the other hand, you’re probably feeling really good by… Read More

Healthy Diets

Not-So-Basic Avocado Toast

By On January 12, 2017

Avocado toast has proven itself a trend that will never die – and that’s fine by us! Packed with protein, healthy monounsaturated fat, and nutrients galore like vitamin B, C, E, K… Read More

Healthy Diets

Healthy Skincare Essentials

By On January 10, 2017

For me, cold weather days means it’s time to pull out the boots, infinity scarves, chunky sweaters, and serious reinforcement for my skin. Abrupt changes in weather do some major damage, leaving my… Read More

Healthy Diets

Four 2017 Food Trends That Have Already Hit Our Shelves

By On December 6, 2016

We think of our chefs as our resident trendspotters (and culinary geniuses, obv). They’re always on the hunt for the next big thing when it comes to ingredients, dishes, and cuisines. Once… Read More

Healthy Diets

We Did Whole30. Here’s How It Went.

By On November 16, 2016

Over 30 items in our shops were just recently Whole30 approved by the queen of healthy habits herself, Melissa Hartwig. Pretty cool, right? What’s just as cool is how many of our… Read More

Healthy Diets

It’s Official. We’re Whole30 Approved!

By On October 13, 2016

Big news, guys! We’re officially Whole30 approved by founder Melissa Hartwig herself. What’s that mean for you? Having satisfying, convenient meals on the Whole30 program in any of our 5 Snap cities just… Read More

Healthy Diets

How To Step Up Your Probiotic Game

By On September 27, 2016

Count on your rainbow of vegetables to provide a variety of health benefits, but if there’s one secret weapon you should be adding to your functional foods arsenal, it’s probiotics. They’re good… Read More

Healthy Diets

Raw Rainbow Stir-fry

By On September 19, 2016

I love salad as much as the next dietitian/healthy food blogger. I mean who can complain about high volume bowls of veggie goodness? Not me. But… You had to know there was… Read More

Healthy Diets

our dressings undressed.

By On August 15, 2016

Even the most virtuous of salads can be nutritionally decimated by its dressing. It’s all too easy to drown a noble bowl of mixed greens, chopped veggies, a handful of grains, and lean… Read More

Healthy Diets

How To Pick The Perfect Summer Produce

By On August 11, 2016

In the heart of summer, nothing helps cool you down like a fresh, delicious slice of watermelon or a juicy, ripe peach. To help you grab the best summer produce on your next trip to the… Read More