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Hayley Weycer


The Ultimate Snap City Gift Guide

By On December 21, 2016

Still searching for that special somethin’ somethin’ for your special someone? Here’s a list of our favorite local treasures from each of our Snap cities…because sometimes the perfect gift is right around the… Read More


5 Austin-Based Companies That We Can’t Get Enough Of

By On November 29, 2016

We love good food. Absolutely obsessed with it, actually. Founded in ATX, we’re in good company with these other Austin-based food companies that are revolutionizing the snack and beverage world. We love them… Read More

Healthy Eating

Vegan Snap. So Hot Right Now.

By On November 1, 2016

You may or may not have heard, but our new menu lineup is nuts. With 6 new vegan options – ok we’ll pause there – we know your probably thinking “WTF, I’m… Read More